Flux Cleaning

Sonictron's SAQ-FA5 series Flux Cleaning System is specifically engineered to meet the demanding requirements of lead-frame cleaning in the Semiconductor Industry. With its specialized design and advanced capabilities, it offers optimal performance and reliability.

The SAQ-FA5 series utilizes a proven process with high output washing capacity. Its agitate and slow pull method ensures effective cleaning and drying, removing flux residues from lead-frames while minimizing the risk of component damage.

Heavy Duty Robotic Transfer Arm in Motion-H-G2 Design
Concept with Intelligent programing compatible with  SECS/GEM data system

Basket design for handle 8 nos. magazine cleaning capability

High Efficiency Hybrid
Air Blow Drying Mechanism
Machine Overall Dimension  (AxBxC) 5560x1650x2900mm (LxWxH)
Process 5 stages  (1W-2R-3R-4R-5D)
Tanks Volume 150L
Cycle time 15min/basket
Filtration System Double filtering
Ultrasonic Power 1200W
Dual Frequency Ultrasonic 25 / 45 kHz
Liquid Heater (for Stage 1, 2, 3 & 4) Inline Heating @ 6000W
Machine Construction Fully stainless steel
Loading & Unloading Fully-auto chain roller
Power Source 380-415VAC, 3Ph, 100A

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