The SAQ-CA series includes two models that can accommodate virtually any cleaning requirement. The SAQ-CA7 is integrated with a 7-stage process, complete with chemical wash, CW & DIW rinse, antirust, CDA pre-blow, hot air knives blower, and oven drying. It features a high-speed conveyor that can handle speeds up to 4MPM, making it ideally suitable for high-volume cleaning of metal parts.

The SAQ-CA5 is integrated with a 5-stage process, which includes either a chemical or DIW wash, DIW rinse, and drying with either CDA, air knives, or an oven. The SAQ-CA5 offers space-saving benefits and excels in cleaning water-soluble flux, mild oil, and dust.

Machine Dimension (LxWxH))
SAQ-CA7 Variable from 10-17mtrs (L) x 1.8-2.3mtrs (W)
SAQ-CA5 Variable from 6-10mtrs (L) x 1.5-1.8mtrs (W)
Cleaning Object Size Capability Between 300-1000mm
Conveyor Speed Adjustable from 1.0-4.0 MPM
Suitable For  Metal stamp part, Casting parts, PCB, Plastic container
Exhaust Link to Mist Collector which Integrated
Power Source 380-440VAC, 3Ph, 50Hz
Water Inlet 1” UPVC sch80#
Drainage   2” UPVC sch80#

Variable Choice Conveyor Belting 

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