SVD - MoHm

Horizontal Mono-Solvent Cleaning

The SVD-MoHm allows for manual handling in a horizontal orientation, going through either a 1STEP or 2STEP ultrasonic cleaning process, followed by vaporizing and drying. The system features a chiller for cooling the freeboard, a separator tank for water/solvent separation, and a closed-loop filtration system. Additionally, the system is equipped with a customized design basket for parts handling.

Programming / Control
SVD-MoHm the cycle of the respective 2STEP or 3STEP process programmable in PLC with touch screen interface for parameter setting.


SVD-MoHm30 SVD-MoHm60 SVD-MoHm100
Machine Footprint Within 1.8sqmtr Within 2.3sqmtr Within 2.6sqmtr
Tank Dimension Flexible base on tank volume as guideline
Wash Tank Volume Range (± 30%) ≤ 30L ≤ 60L ≤ 100L
Basket size Flexible dimension base on parts & tank volume as guideline
Machine Handling Mechanism Horizontal Manual
Filtering 10 micron 10 micron 10 micron
Ultrasonic Power
Frequency  (kHz)
28 /40 / 68 / 80 / 132/ 170
28 /40 / 68 / 80 / 132/ 170
28 /40 / 68 / 80 / 132/ 170
Heating Capacity 2000W 3000W 4000W
Machine Construction Fully stainless steel
Power Source 380-415VAC, 3Ph


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