SVD - MoHa

Horizontal Mono-Solvent Cleaning

Sonictron’s SVD-MoHa series a fully-auto Mono-solvent  vapor degreaser system special design with Halogenated solvent application, This system is proven to effectively remove contaminants such as surface oils, greases, flux, and wax. From any rugged industrial to critically precise needs, SVD-MoHa vapor degreaser systems can meet your company’s cleaning demands.

Programming / Control
SVD-CoH the cycle of the respective process programmable in PLC with HMI screen interface for parameter setting.

Transfer Arm in MOTION-H G2 Design Concept in heavy duty with  Intelligent programing.
Machine Overall Dimension  (LxW1/W2xH1/H2) 3100x1650/2200x1500/2900mm
Tank Dimension (LxWxH) Flexible base on basket size as guideline
Basket Dimension (LxW) (basket dept in flexible adjust base on parts required) Flexible base on parts size as guideline
Process 2 stages  (1W-1VD)
Tanks Volume Within 100-120L
Chiller Dual Chiller System
Ultrasonic Power / Freuency 1500W / 40kHz
Liquid Heater (for Stage 1 & 2) (heating power in flexible base on tank volume)  2 - 4 kw
Machine Handling Motion-H G2
Loading & Unloading  Motorized Roller Conveyor
Power Source 380-415VAC, 3Ph, 60A

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