Sonictron’s SAQ-FA series is an aqueous-based cleaning system. This fully-automatic system is specially designed with a multi-stage process that includes wash, rinse, anti-rust, and drying applications. It has been proven to effectively remove contaminants like surface oils and water-based coolant from both metal and non-ferrous metal surfaces. The system offers flexible cleaning methods and is an economical solution for meeting critically precise cleaning needs.

Programming / Control
The cycle of the respective process in the SAQ-FA system is freely programmable using a PLC. The system allows for recipe selection and parameter setting through an HMI screen interface. Additionally, there is an option for WIFI capability.

Single Transfer Arm in Motion-L-G1 Design
Concept with programmable moving control

Machine Overall Dimension  (LxWxH1/H2) Cleaner overall  size in flexible base on tank size as requested as guideline
Tank Dimension (LxWxH) In Flexible range between 0.01-0.15m3
Basket Dimension (LxW) (basket dept in flexible adjust base on parts required) In Flexible base on parts size as guideline
Process 4 stages  (W1-R2-RA3-D4)
Tanks Volume Within 15 - 100L
W1 & Rc1 by Ultrasonic [Power] 300 I 600 I 900 I 1200 I 1500 I 1800 I 2100 I 2400 Watt
Ultrasonic frequency 25 I 28 I 40 I 68 I 80 I 130 I 170 kHz
R3 by showing + Air Blow [Pressure] 1-2 bar  / 4-5 bar
D4 by Hot air Blow [°C & cfm]  80-100°C / 800-1200 cfm
Machine Handling FULLY-AUTO
Loading & Unloading Decker or Auto Conveyor (Optional)
Power Source 415VAC, 3Ph, 50Hz


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