The SAQ-M series is integrated with a 4-stage process, complete with wash, rinse, shower rinse + air gun pre-blow, and hot air drying. The system consists of features such as ultrasonic cleaning, heating, overflow filtration, and more. Additionally, the system is designed with customized baskets for parts handling based on specific requirements. This 4-stage system has been proven to effectively remove mild oil and coolant contaminants from both metal and non-ferrous metal surfaces. It offers flexible cleaning methods in an economical manner.

OPTION with portable DI water column enhance water quality for rinsing process

Programming / Control
SAQ-M the cycle of the respective 4STEP process programmable in PLC with HMI touch screen interface for parameter setting.

Machine Overall Dimension  (LxWxH1/H2) Cleaner overall  size in flexible base on tank size as requested as guideline
Tank Dimension (LxWxH) In Flexible range between 0.01-0.15m3
Basket Dimension (LxW) (basket dept in flexible adjust base on parts required) In Flexible base on parts size as guideline
Process 4 stages  (W1-R2-RA3-D4)
Tanks Volume Within 15 - 100L
W1 & Rc1 by Ultrasonic [Power] 300 I 600 I 900 I 1200 I 1500 I 1800 I 2100 I 2400 Watt
Ultrasonic frequency 25 I 28 I 40 I 68 I 80 I 130 I 170 kHz
R3 by showing + Air Blow [Pressure] 1-2 bar  / 4-5 bar
D4 by Hot air Blow [°C & cfm]  80-100°C / 800-1200 cfm
Machine Handling Manual
Power Source 415VAC, 3Ph, 50Hz

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