Vertical Mono-Solvent Cleaning


The SVD-MoV ADVANCE vapor degreaser is integrated with an auto lifting mechanism that carries the basket vertically through the cleaning or vaporizing process. The system consists of features such as a chiller with double cooling freeboard, a separator tank for water/solvent separation, and a closed-loop filtration system. Additionally, the system is capable of accommodating either basket or barrel designs for parts handling. The machine is equipped with an auto-sealed top lid to provide a press-seal and minimize solvent loss.

Programming / Control
SVD-MoV-A the cycle of the respective 3STEP process is freely programmable in PLC with recipe selecting, HMI screen interface for parameter setting with IoT capability.

Servo Drive Auto Lifter Handling

Easy Maintenance Service Flange

Press Fit Air-tight Top Lid 

SVD-MoV30 SVD-MoV60 SVD-MoV100
Machine Footprint Within 1.5sqmtr Within 2.3sqmtr Within 2.6sqmtr
Tank Dimension Flexible base on tank volume as guideline
Wash Tank Volume Range (± 30%) ≤ 30L ≤ 60L ≤ 100L
Basket size Flexible dimension base on parts & tank volume as guideline
Machine Handling Mechanism Vertical Auto Lifting
Filtering 10 micron 10 micron 10 micron
Ultrasonic Power
Frequency (kHz)
28 /40 / 68 / 80 / 132/ 170
28 /40 / 68 / 80 / 132/ 170
28 /40 / 68 / 80 / 132/ 170
Heating Capacity 1500W 2000W 3000W
Machine Construction Stainless Steel Frame / Steel Powder Coating Cosmetic Panel
Power Source 380-415VAC, 3Ph


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