Texsonic Bench-Top Ultrasonic Cleaner

Key Feature
The TEXSONIC’s TUC-P series Ultrasonic Cleaner as premium series offer with combines with  ore functionality such as

LCD Display Panel
This LCD screen displaying the cleaner functionality such as frequency, output power select in 40%-70%-100%, pre-set & actual temperature, Pre-set & actual process timer.

Sensitive Touch Button
This sensitive touch button design to pro-long lifespan due to long standing usage, button contains with quick degassing mode recommended before cleaning process, sweep mode improve cleaning performance, pulse model for high strength cleaning power required. 

Dry Run Proof Heater
This cleaner with integrated special ceramic heater which able to sustain for 12 hrs dry run condition without damaging.

Specification MODEL
  Transducer Industrial BLT Type
  Time Rage 1-30 (Digital) 1-60 (Digital)
  Temperature Range  Ambient ~ 60°C
  Frequency 37kHz
  Cleaner Overall Dimension
(LxWxH)  (mm)
175*160*220 325*175*285 325*175*285 325*265*330 355*325*415 355*325*330 525*325*365 525*325*365
  Basket Size (mm) 108*92*85 248*110*85 248*110*118 260*202*95 260*202*140 285*260*138 452*260*108 452*260*138
  Internal Tank Dimension
(LxWxD)   (mm)
150*135*100 300*150*100 300*150*150 300*240*150 300*240*200 325*300*200 500*300*150 500*300*200
  Tank Liquid Effective Level Height(mm) 75 75 125 125 175 175 125 175
  Volume Max 2.0L 4.5L 6.7L 10.8L 14.4L 19.5L 22.5L 30L
  Ultrasonic Power 80W 180W 240W 300W 360W 480W 480W 600W
  Heater Power 60W 180W 240W 320W 400W 480W 480W 640W
  BV Drainage - 3/8" 1/2"
  Power Source 110-240V 1P


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